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I made a request to take Friday off. It's been a while since I took either a personal day or a sick day in which I did no work at all. Usually, I work at home on such cases. It seems OK since things are starting to slow down for a little while. It will probably get hectic later on, but not on Friday for me.

I finally made my latest batch of Spicy Brains for Hammercock. Hopefully, it will freeze in time for her birthday. Her present will arrive soon.

It looks like we both lost a lot of weight since her surgery. I'm 15 pounds from my all-time high bringing me close to 170 which is scary. Need to catch-up on my eating. The birthday dinner will do that. Haven't been sleeping either, especially last night when I saw some Olympic gymnastics weird shit. After seeing that, I can't watch the Games the same way again, especially since I'm a fan of Alexi Nemov.

On a random note, I never thought I would give money to secure the well-being of a cat. I must be slipping in my old age.
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