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Strip B5 Wars is....interesting

Words cannot describe it. Words should not describe it. They are not for Livejournal entries. All I can say is that B5 Wars is fun to play. Just need more ships.
On a different note, it will be six months since I went out with auror. They go by without a blink. Through hardships and bliss, we stuck together. I hope to celebrate not just by GURPS or Guild meetings. Everything feels euphoric, as if I was high. No more angst from myself. The angst I keep hearing from others (I won't give names) sound trivial. It's not as if I stopped caring, just can deal with it more easily.
On a random note, I have completely showed the entire Gundam series (including Endless Waltz) to auror. It's finally over. Now, if I could sustain the momentum to finish game. It will finish....eventually.
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