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It has been over a week since I seemingly disappeared from public view. I spent a week in New York and just returned. I left Boston last Tuesday after showing the conclusion of the Gundam Wing series to auror. She now knows my vision for Endless Waltz and understands how and why I wrote my game. She was missed throughout the trip. My mother and youngest brother were already in New York when I joined them. My other brother couldn't make it because he was finishing up his university's production of "The Crucible". (He was Hopkins!) My father...well...hasn't left Miami since my MIT graduation one and a half years ago. Long story.
It's strange. I still can't imagine New York without the World Trade Center. We were fortunate to stay at the New Yorker which was in the edge of the Fashion District and several blocks from Times Square. We went there several times throughout the week. Wednesday was spent in the Upper West Side with the Museum of Natural History and the balloon inflation for the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. The planetarium was incredible. It gave me a perspective on this planet as part of the known universe. Note to self: create much faster-than-light space travel. Hyperspace isn't cutting it. For the actual parade, we were on 42nd and Broadway. It was cold, but we were right in the middle of the parade path. My SO is still laughing about me freezing my ass off that day. Throughout the week, my family and I went to Fifth Avenue, the Financial District, Times Square, and Pennsylvania to visit a friend of my mother's who she hasn't seen in 15 years. She claimed that we did a lot of walking, but I thought that we could have done more. My mother, like my father, are becoming senile. Either way, auror herself came from her home in Connecticut to visit me in New York. The four of us then saw Rent. Five years of searching for Rent tickets, and it was worth the wait. Auror has a way with people, especially her SO's family. I was surprised how well my mother and auror got along, especially since my mother initially wasn't keen on the idea of the visit.
The vacation was an escape for my mother, my brother, and myself. We were escaping problems that we faced at our respective homes. I wish the two of them luck, but it's out of my hands. My mother is considering leaving for New York on a permanent basis...with or without the rest of my family. I fear that this is the last time that I will see any of them happy. My past was in New York, but not my future. My home is now in Boston. I have a job that I'm for one doing well. (I just need to finish a certain overdue project.) I have an SO who I adore very much. I have to straighten things out with rigel, questioner, and akron who I left all while in a confused/intoxicated state. I need to find out where I stand with all of them.
But most of all, I have to realize that I'm no longer a kid. I'm turning 24 in a few weeks. I accept the fact that I have responsibilities, but it doesn't prevent me from having adult fun.
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