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The weekend was intense with work. Worked late on Friday. Worked on Saturday before heading to hammercock's place. Spent at least 3 hours making Mr. Garibaldi's Cowpoke Three-Alarm chili for a party. Many of the ironies were exposed these past few days:

I like going to parties, but I have a fear of crowds (needed to step outside out of panic)
I make better dishes for other people than I do for myself (take out)
I can't smell my own cooking--even when it's burning.

It had been brought to my attention that I need to make three T-shirts (long story).

On a sadder note, I had a fight with my mother during our first conversation in three weeks. I was hoping to talk about what happened recently, but things just got ugly. She was being a parent, and I was being a son. I don't think we will be speaking to each other anytime soon.
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