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My Own Arisia Summary

After a day or two, I should probably write about my own experiences at my first full Arisia before the memory dies down. In the beginning, I thought I would follow a schedule or itinerary with panels and gaming. It was barely an hour into the con when it hit me. It wasn't about the gaming, the lectures, the parties, or the room service. It was about the people. Arisia is like one big family reunion. This includes the dysfunctional uncle. Because of this, I am breaking down my recap based on the people I encountered.

bester: Went to the con with him and tikva with two huge bags (one of which has nothing but my costumes), a couple of cameras, and a plastic sword. He hosted the SFB game at Arisia. I was told it wasn't an Arisia without SFB. Would up playing the Klingons for 4 hours. To be honest, it was the only scheduled event I (1) showed up on time for and (2) stayed during the entirety. It was fun. Ironically, I was playing a Jedi Knight during the game. I lost but I won. Wished I didn't keep my sweetie waiting.

fangirl715: I have seen her with cleavage. She bought me a "Bad Pirate! No booty!" T-shirt. She saw me as a Nazghul. Hard to elaborate further.

cz_unit: I saw him. I saw the other woman. I don't think either of them saw me. Probably a good thing. It has been a year since the last Arisia in which I popped up for an improv visit. It seemed to be the catalyst for the eventual implosion. Initially, I thought that the weekend would be about shielding my sweetie from the possibility of an awkward encounter. That wasn't a problem. The more I think about it, the more I can't understand what the fuck was he thinking. All the pain and bitterness because of an unexpected meeting. His loss. I got the better deal.

tikva: Saw her in a dress. See bester.

angelovernh: This is the first time I've seen her since Baitcon. It has been only days since her break-up. She tried to put up a good face, but I saw the pain in her eyes. There is nothing like that awkward moment with your ex. Hope she is well.

klingonlandlady: Nice cleavage. Still the only blonde :) Still remember her words saying that I was a lucky man. Still true, though I know how P and R come at second.

chanaleh: Another example of awkwardness with an ex. I wish I was more sympathetic. Hope she is also all aright. On a semi-random note, she was good as a redhead.

rigel: Cute in a anime schoolgirl outfit. Angsty about cute boys that aren't me. I've become used to it. Must be Tuesday.

,hammercock: How to summarize four days of Arisia luxury with my sweetie. Arisia belonged to her. Everywhere we went, there was someone she hasn't seen in a while. It like magic. The way she is with people. The way she lights up a room, even if it is a dark ballroom with the Dresden Dolls. She didn't have to worry about cz_unit. At most, she had to worry about two clueless fanboys who wouldn't leave her alone. She looked great in green and gold. We had a king size bed. We had room service. We had finale. We had... It was like a preview of things to come in London.

That's all I can think about for now.
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