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Winter Wonderland?

Went to tikva's birthday mob at John Harvard when I found out that Shadowdawn was cancelled. Wasn't able to take a cab to Evenmere, but I was able to take the T to Harvard Square. Found out what was in an Irish Coffee...the hard way. I seem to be more flirtacious and happy-go-lucky after chugging a warm cup of flavored whiskey. Had a great time with tikva and rigel, especially when the mob migrated all of a sudden to my house. My work in Amplitude is a little rusty. I have now been acknowledged as "sometimes hits on rigel".

Then the storm really hit...

I had a choice: (1) stay at home with tikva's birthday guest and talks of strip poker, orgies, and PS2, or (2) walk through feet of unplowed snow to hammercock's house because she wasn't feeling very well and she wanted me to be there.

I chose the latter.

Damn, it must be love.

She had the idea of heading to a chocolate party in Allston. This involved me clearing the driveway without a shovel, chipping ice on the ground, and PUSHING A 3,000 LB FORD CONTOUR WITH NO TRACTION EVERY 10 MINUTES WE WERE IN THE $)*&%&#$ DRIVEWAY!!!!!

Wound up not going to the party even though we were within a block from the destination. Side roads weren't plowed. Went to IHOP instead. I like the hot chocolate. Repeated driveway experience at the IHOP parking lot. Repeated driveway experience on the trip back. This time, it took 1.5 to 2 hours just to park the car.

Right shoulder and left wrist were sore from shoveling. Back was giving me problems when I pushed. Worst part about it is that I was knee-deep in know wearing a leather trenchcoat, leather gloves with no insulation, and jungle boots. Ankles and socks need work. I was drained the rest of the weekend. Still drained now, especially after only 2 hours of sleep.

I feel like I'm too drained to party next week, especially after calling home and getting the "can't accommodate sweetie" message from my parents.
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