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A Meme

Stole this from anotherjen.

Allergies: Might be slightly allergic to macademia nuts.

Body Modifications: None. Not even on my teeth.

Cats or Dogs?: Dogs. They are more friendly than cats, and they do not claw at random.

Drink(s), Favorite: Ginger ale. Pineapple juice. Diet Cherry Coke. Kamikazee.

Exercise?: Walking and sex, mainly. :-)

Foreign Languages Spoken: A bit of Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, Klingon, and Minbari.

Glasses, Contacts, or Nothing?: In theory, I wear glassed. Haven't worn them since the last Cirque du Soleil performance near Boston.

Hair Color: Jet black with brown highlights in the summer.

I?ve Never (and wanted to): Had enough time to do everything and go everywhere I wanted. Left the continent (Puerto Rico does not count). Had a passport. Owned a car.

Jealous Of: People who complain that all these men/women are attracted to them. *sarcastically* I feel so sorry for them. Actually, that constitutes envy, not jealously since it is resentment over something you do not have rather than something you have but are afraid of losing.

Kind Deed, Most Recent: Paid an expensive bottle of 1999 Cabernet Savignon for a dinner mob.

Libido, General Level: Still up. Want to take advantage of it while I'm still in my 20s. Been told it's game over when I hit 30.

Music, Favorite: Satirical music. Wierd Al, Sean Altman, Da Vinci's Notebook, Cindy Kaplan, etc.

Night or Morning Person?: Night. I don't function well at 7:30am.

Object(s) I'm Thinking of Buying: Babylon 5, season 4 on DVD; NYPD Blue, season 3 on DVD; XBox; Simon & Garfunkel tickets; Aragorn costume.

Paranormal Experience(s): Clairvoyance.

Question(s) I Want Answered: When will mankind venture out into the stars? Who the $*&%^$ voted for Bush?

Romantic Evenings Include: [This stolen from jacflash: Dinner in a quiet restaurant with exquisite food, accompanied by intense, connected conversation and followed by intense, connected lovemaking.] Haven't had a pagan, romantic experience. Then again, maybe I should given the book I read ("21st Century Wicca").

Skills I Wished I Possessed: Jedi-related abilities (telekinesis, clairvoyance, empathy, fast reflexes).

TV Shows: I enjoy Whose Line is it Anyway?, Babylon 5, NYPD Blue, Iron Chef, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Reno 911.

Unrequited Love: Love? Nah. Lust and/or the desire for friendship, sure. *pout*

Vacation(s), Most Memorable: 5 days in New York with hammercock. True magic and happiness.

World Wide Web, First Year Used: Telnet in a university computer at age 14 (1992). First browser was with Gopher when I first came to MIT in 1995.

X-Rated X-periences Performed in Public: None, sadly.

Yesterday, I: Went from Schenectady to North Hampton. Had a fancy dinner. Came home. Did bills. Went to hammercock's place and I...why should I tell you? ;)

Zero Interest In: Christian rock music, auto-erotic asphyxiation, politics

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