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Something's Got to Give

I returned last night after visiting hammercock's family in Florida. Had Cuban food for the first time since April. I missed it. Now it's time to play catch-up. This is not just for work, but for my social activities. There was a price. There always seems to be a price.

For some reason, telling my friends "Sorry I couldn't make it. Had to visit a dying relative." is difficult. My folks still don't know that I was within a short driving distance from them and didn't visit them. There was no time.

All of a sudden, an "Into the Woods" hack night mob from last night got to me. Don't know why. Hoping to go to athereal's B-day mob. This means that I have to miss SFB tonight.

Hopefully I'll have time tonight to work on Shadowdawn, B5 Wars, and Starcon 2, especially since hammercock is gone for the weekend due to a conference.
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