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Last Weekend

I made a promise that for one weekend, I wouldn't talk or think about the Gundam universe, let along a game that I was writing. The weekend was fun-filled in a far away place. I made people laugh. I made people want to kill me. Such is the universe of Legends. I can't go into details without metagaming. Wished the weather was warmer at the time. Also wished what the hell happened to a couple of people. One disappeared in the middle of the weekend and wasn't heard from since. The other became a real bitch overnight. I sometimes ask myself why am I still friends with this person. When you see what one is capable of in its positive and negative extremes, you start having a new perspective on the friendship. It was what went through my mind last night.

My mind.

It feels like my mind is rapidly degenerating. HAL is finally shutting down. Advanced knowledge and intelligence disappearing through months of monotonous work, game, and anime. I used to be a brilliant person. Then I went to MIT. MIT fried my brain. Game fried my brain. Legends fried my brain. There is nothing left.

Speaking of game. Define irony: I spent plenty of sleepless nights on a game that people were excited to participate in. It was in its final stages by the time I went into hiding this weekend. Now, I have to cancel it due to lack of apps. *Sigh*
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