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Pulled a 10-hour shift at work last night. Thought I was going to deal with bills, book buying, campaign stuff, room cleaning. Instead, I rented a couple of PS2 games, got McDonald's, and slacked off with the games for 5 hours.


No bills
No deadlines
No projects
No contact with the outside world (except to get my copy from anotherjen)

I didn't have to deal with the fact that a DVD rental was three weeks late or that my campaign is almost completely stalled due to my work schedule.

From the last entry, it looked like I'm exhibiting the signs of burn-out which feels like the kiss of death for my line of work. Yesterday was a perfect example. My mind was so scattered and sleep deprived that I kept getting my projects mixed up when reporting to my supervisor. Speech was slurred. I'm just glad he didn't think I was drinking. I'm not drunk just wiped.

To make matters worse, I just got word from my folks that my middle brother got into a car accident...again. He wasn't seriously injured, but he's not well. His juggling of classes and work with the kind of sleep schedule I have is now affecting his health. He's been pale, gaunt, and ill from what I heard. He's seeing the doctor today. Hope all is well.
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