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My LiveJournal Sitcom
Life With trowa_barton (TNN, 9:00): trowa_barton (Gates McFadden) paints bluedaisy (Petula Clark)'s 8-track player orange. Meanwhile, jbsegal (Alan Thicke) falls off earthdragon (Kelly Hu)'s porch and gets hurt. That same day, nakor (Liam Neeson) cleans klingonlandlady (Catherine Zeta-Jones)'s apartment and ruins the bicycle. Afterwards, dancingdeer (Rutger Hauer) lets auror (Neal, Shaquille ) borrow a VCR to impress a aunt. Then, humandays (Joan Collins) and koshmom (Sigourney Weaver) perform slapstick at a grocery store. (Part 2 of 2.)
What's Your LiveJournal Sitcom? (by rfreebern)
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