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Working a little late today. My dilligence [sic], despite my supervisor's vacation, is surprising. After which, a tough call between OPN and packing. Manray is completely out of the question. Come to think of it, Manray has been out of the question for the past several months--ever since I started going to OPN. As much as I enjoy being gothy, I find that I'm only as good as the company I keep at Manray.
And I usually go alone. The times that I do go, there's nobody I know from the usual crowd. No rigel. No klingonlandlady. No laura47. Normally, I get drunk with kamikazees and play pool.
As for OPN and Diesel, there were new people at the Diesel social yesterday. Eager. Ambitious. Everything I wasn't for the past year. It served as a reminder that after over a year with the poly-Cambridge/Somerville community, I'm still a shy, insecure outsider. It feels like I have to get in line for everything I do or say. I'm always going to be hammercock's boyfriend. It's almost like a monogamous relationship, and that's always not a good thing considering my history.
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