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Got home only an hour ago. Pulled 10 hours non-stop. Supervisor is pretty much counting on me working in the weekend. Still trying to find time to sleep and deal with the fact that I'M MOVING IN TWO WEEKS!!!!
Just found out that my youngest brother won't be able to visit me here during the move. Which is why last night was a big relief.

Went to kimberlogic's huge "Pirates of the Caribbean" mob dressed in my Legends gear. Hammercock looked stunning in her wench gear. Many of the ladies who showed up looked hot. I could name a few, but they all know who they are. Made me want to go crazy with the sword I had on me. The movie itself was great. Proof that there is life after Tolkein for Orlando Bloom. The Chinatown mob afterwards was fun. Good movie. Good food. Good people. Great costumes. Delicious wenches. Too bad I was so drained the second I plopped into bed. There never seems to be enough time to do anything, especially sleep.
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